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The optimum population is the ideal population which when combined with the other available resources or other factors of production of the country will yield the maximum output of goods and services in a country at a particular time. It is neither too small nor too large when combined with available resources at a given level of existing technology in order to secure a maximum return per head. Optimum population occurs when the population is equal to the available resources.

By optimum population we mean the ideal number of population that a country should have considering its resources.

Below are characteristics of Optimum population.

  1. Optimum population is neither too small nor too large but equal to available resources in the country
  2. It yields a maximum return per head
  3. The highest standard of living is attained in a country that has an optimum population.
  4. The resources are utilized at maximum
  5. Based on the supply of resources and population it is the ideal type of population
Population Sizes
Population Sizes


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