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  1. Introduction to Booking Keeping and Accounting | Week 1
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  2. Introduction to Books of Account | Week 2
    5 Topics
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  3. Subsidiary Books of Account I | Week 3
    4 Topics
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  4. Subsidiary Books of Account II | Week 4
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  5. Principles of Double Entry Book Keeping | Week 5
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  6. Cash Book | Week 6
    6 Topics
    1 Quiz
  7. Petty Cash Book | Week 7
    1 Topic
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Lesson 6, Topic 6
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Illustration – Three Column Cash Book

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The following is a worked example of a three Column Cash book. Write up a three-column cash book from the following details.

Jan 1:Balance brought forward:
Cash in hand N500
Cash at Bank N13,000
Jan 2:Received a cash loan of N500 from Ojo
Jan 3:Bought goods for cash N460
Jan 4:Bought Motor Van paying by cheque N150
Jan 5:Cash withdrawn from the Bank N300
Jan 7:Paid wages in cash N70
Jan 8:Cash drawings N100
Jan 10:Cash sales paid directly into the bank N980
Jan 12:We paid the following accounts by cheque less
10% discount in each case:
Bisi N200, Ayo N250 Esan N340
Jan 13:The following paid us their account
by cheque
Less 2.5% discount in each case:
Biodun N200, Theresa N360
Jan 15:We paid Zidane an amount of N900
by cheque
Jan 16:Cash sales N200
Jan 18:Paid Rent in cash N18
Jan 21:Received commission by cheque N120
Jan 23:The following persons paid us their account by
cheque in each case deducting 5% discount.
Uson N500, Sofola N120, Jaja N440
Jan 25:We paid the following accounts by cheque,
in each case deducting 2% discount:
Taiwo N600, Tunde N500, Victor N300
Jan 26:Paid Insurance by cash N60
Jan 29:Segun paid us a cheque for N78 having
deducted N2 cash discount


Screenshot 2022 07 22 at 01.02.20

Evaluation Questions:

1. Differentiate between the types of Cash book
2. State the uses of cash Book
3. Explain the types of Discount
4. Differentiate between Cash discount and Trade discount


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