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This refers to instruments used by the government to boost the agricultural sector in order to maximize the desired contribution of the sector to economic development. The reasons for these policies are to increase food and cash production in the country, also to maintain self-sufficiency limiting the importation of food. It is also to revitalize the agricultural sector for foreign exchange earnings.

Objectives of Agricultural Policies

  1. To acquire modern farming implements for farmers
  2. For the government to provide subsidies on pesticides, fertilizers, inputs for farmers
  3. To ensure farmers get credit facilities
  4. To intensify research or farming skills and new crops etc
  5. Government generates revenue through the board
  6. The board train farmers and manpower on modern techniques for farming
  7. They encourage the growth of co-operative societies like FADAMA
  8. They sometimes give credit facilities to farmers
  9. To attain self-sufficiency in basic food commodities

Agricultural Policies Programmes in Nigeria

1. Operation feed the nation: This was established by former Military Officer Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. “Operation feed the nation” objective is to mobilize Nigerians to participate in the agriculture sector in order to increase food production

2. The river basin development authority was established by the federal government under the decree of the country. The objective is to develop land and water resources for the overall development of agriculture in the country

3. The land use decree: This was aimed at reforming the land tenure system which has been a hindrance to large-scale farming in the country i.e. to remove the land ownership bottleneck

4. Commodity Boards: This board was made up to supervise and manage cash crops and also encourage the processing of the cash crops e.g Cocoa, Groundnut, Cotton, Rubber, etc

5. The National Accelerated Food Production Project 

6. Green Revolution Programme

7. Agricultural credit e.g. Nigerian agricultural and cooperative


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