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Marketing board has the responsibility to buy, sell, and fix prices for commodities in the country. Marketing board can be defined as an organized body that is responsible for buying and processing crops directly from farmers for export. The boards buy from the farmer through its agent.

Functions of Marketing Board

1. To market export crops in Nigeria

2. The board decides how to grade the crops and the price to pay on commodities

3. The board protect local producer from the effect of price fluctuations in the market

4. They promote economic growth and developments

5. They encourage cooperative societies in order to enjoy some benefits

Problems of Marketing Board

1. The board faced the problem of inadequate finance

2. Price fluctuation in the world market affect the prices of produce

3. Dealing with illiterate farmers create a lot of problems for the board

4. Poor transportation system

5. Government interference has a negative effect on the board

6. Poor climate condition affects harvest which affects the board as well

Importance of Marketing Board

1. Exportation of cash crops to other countries

2. They promote rapid economic development

3. They stabilize price in the country

4. They encourage cooperative marketing

5. They encourage the production of high quality crops


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