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State the grammatical name and function of the emphasized portion in each of the following sentences.

1. A candidate in an examination hall is a close cousin of the boxer in the ring.    –                WASSCE, June, 1998

2. The mourners sympathized with Andrew,  the accident victim.

3. The boys attacked the stranger from the neighbourhood.

4. Mr Samuel was named a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

5. The lively little goat jumped over the fence.


1. i. Noun phrase.

ii. Subject of the verb is

2. i. Noun phrase.  

ii. Complement of the object, Andrew.

3. i. Noun phrase.

ii. Object of the verb ‘attacked’

4. i. Noun phrase.

ii. Complement of the subject ‘Mr. Samuel’.

5.  i. Noun phrase.

ii. Subject of the verb ‘jumped’.

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