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Writing Minutes of a Meeting

Minutes of a meeting refers to a record of decisions taken in a meeting as recorded by the secretary of the organization. The minutes of a meeting has the following format.

The identification mark which contains the following

  • The type of document
  • The name of organization
  • The place/venue of the meeting
  • The date of the meeting


Minutes of the Meeting of the Students’ Association of Okinka Grammar School Held in the School Hall on June 2, 2004.


Immediately after the heading comes a list of members of the organization who were present at the meeting in the order of office. See model minutes below. If any member is absent with or without permission, this is also indicated beside the person’s name.


The content of minutes consists of the following:

  • Opening remarks which include the following:

The declaration of the meeting open by the Chairman of the meeting and the time the meeting was declared open.

  • The person who said the opening prayers
  • Chairman’s welcome address

Reading of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting are read as recorded. After the reading, errors in the minutes are pointed out and noted for the next minutes of the meeting.

Adoption of the Previous Minutes

When the previous minutes have been read and corrected, the chairman calls for a motion to adopt the minutes as true recordings of the previous meeting subject to corrections as pointed out. A member raises such a motion. The motion is seconded by another member. The Chairman calls for a vote to adopt the minutes as read and corrected. The names of the persons who moved and seconded the motion for adoption are recorded.

Matters Arising

Matters in the previous meeting that were not concluded are taken up, discussed, and concluded.

Agenda Items

This refers to new matters to be discussed for the first time and decisions taken.

Any other Business (AOB)

This section of the minutes takes care of is any new matter not included in the agenda of the meeting. In treating AOB, as it called, the name of the initiator of the matter is recorded as well as the decision taken. Announcements come under AOB. 


The meeting ends with a member moving for adjournment and seconded by another member. The names of the persons who moved and seconded the motion for adjournment are recorded. The closing prayers are said and the name of the person who prayed is recorded. The chairman, thereafter, declares the meeting closed and the time is recorded.


Minutes are signed by the Chairman and the Secretary after the minutes have been adopted (accepted) by the members.

After the above discussion, the teacher reads the following model Minutes of a meeting, paying attention to the format and content as the students listen and do as the teacher directs. 

Minutes of Meeting of Queen High School Farmers’ Club Held in the School Farm Yard on July 5, 2011.


A.      Present

Obioma Osita  Chairman
Nkiru KaluSecretary
Ngozi UcheMember
Nonso CharlesMember
Doris OkekeMember
Ifeyinwa UzoMember
Musa IbrahimMember
Gina ZiwaMember
Segun BanjoMember
Okon EssienMember

B.      Absent

Yakubu Lawal   absent with permission
Femi Idowu absent without permission
Chinwe Ezeabsent without permission


The meeting began at 2.45pm with an opening prayer by Doris Okeke. The Chairman welcomed the members and thanked them for attending the meeting in spite of the heavy rain that afternoon.

Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read. The following errors were noted.

  • Segun Banjo pointed out that his name was misspelt in the minutes
  • Doris Okeke observed the omission of the cost of transportation for the proposed excursion to Umudike Agricultural Research Institute.

These errors were noted by the Secretary. The Chairman called for a motion for the adoption of minutes subject to the amendments (corrections). Ina Ziwa moved the motion which was seconded by Nonso Charles. The Chairman called for a vote. The vote was taken and the motion was carried.

Matters Arising

The Chairman called on the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the proposed Agricultural Exhibition of the Club to report to the house on their deliberations. The Chairman of the Committee informed members that the Committee was yet to meet. He apologized for the delay and promised to report at the next meeting.


There was one agendum. It was the School’s forthcoming end-of-session activities. The Chairman wanted to know whether members wanted to feature in the week-long activities and in what form. The members agreed to feature in the School’s week-long activities. Then, the discussion shifted to the nature of the participation. The members agreed to present a drama on the importance of farming during the occasion. The Chairman called for nominations of the seven-member committee as agreed to organize the drama. Nominations were made and votes were cast. The following were elected as members of the organizing Committee:

  • Ifeyinwa Uzo
  • Gina Ziwa
  • Ngozi Uche
  • Segun Banjo
  • Yakubu Lawal
  • Chinwe Eze
  • Doris Okeke

The Committee was asked to elect its Chairman and Secretary and to seek the assistance of both the Drama and English teachers in the production of the drama. The Committee was given three weeks to produce the drama. Members of the meeting agreed to use their own clothing as costumes for the drama when produced and to engage in daily practice at 8 p.m as soon as the drama was produced.


The Chairman reminded members to pay their monthly dues promptly as this would enable them to finance the drama production.


The Chairman called for a motion for adjournment. Doris Okeke moved for adjournment. The motion was seconded by Okon Essien. The closing prayer was said by Ngozi Uche. The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m

…………………………                                                ……………………….

Obioma Osita                                                                 Nkiru Kalu

Chairman                                                                       Secretary

Class Activity

The teacher leads the class to discuss the following questions on the model Minutes.

1.    In what ways are the format of minutes of meetings different from that of a speech?

2.    Discuss the features of minutes of meeting.

3.    How many items on the agenda were discussed? Itemize how the agenda was discussed.

4.    In what way can issues not included in the agenda for a meeting be introduced and discussed at a meeting?

Individual Activity

Assume that you are the Secretary of your School’s Boys’ Scout/Girls Guide. Write the minutes of a meeting held by the club to discuss the send-off party of the out-going president of the club.

Use the following guidelines:

  • State the identifying mark.
  • List the members present and absent.
  • Record the deliberations in the meeting, using the model minutes as your guide.

Source: Intensive English for SSS 2


  1. Oral English Without Tears by I. Udoka
  2. New Oxford Secondary  English Course for SS 2 by Ayo Banjo et al
  3. Intensive English for SS 2 by Benson O. Oluikpe et al


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