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  1. Crop Improvement | Week 1
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  2. Animal Improvement | Week 2
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  3. Animal Health Management I - Introduction | Week 3
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  4. Animal Health Management II | Week 4
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  5. Animal Health Management III | Week 5
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  6. Aquaculture | Week 6
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  7. Apiculture or Bee-keeping | Week 7
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Topic Content:

  • Common Bacterial Diseases in Farm Animals
    • Brucellosis, Anthrax, Tuberculosis, etc
    • Symptoms, effects and mode of transmission of selected diseases
bacterial diseases

1. Brucellosis (Contagious Abortion):

a. Causal Agent:

It is caused by a bacterium called Brucella abortus or Brucella spp.

b. Animals Affected:

Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs

c. Symptoms:

  • High fever/Pyrexia
  • Diarrhoea and dysentery
  • Posterior paralysis
  • Wobbled movement or gait
  • Pre-mature abortions
  • Still-birth
  • Retention of the after-birth (placenta)
  • Infertility of male animal
  • Reduction in milk production and inflammation of the scrotum
  • Inflammation of the uterus (womb)

d. Mode of Transmission:

This disease can be transmitted:

  • when animals feed on contaminated pasture or other feed.
  • through servicing by infected bulls and flies that have rested on the foetus of affected animals.


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