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  1. Crop Improvement | Week 1
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  2. Animal Improvement | Week 2
    6 Topics
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  3. Animal Health Management I - Introduction | Week 3
    7 Topics
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  4. Animal Health Management II | Week 4
    5 Topics
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  5. Animal Health Management III | Week 5
    7 Topics
    1 Quiz
  6. Aquaculture | Week 6
    11 Topics
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  7. Apiculture or Bee-keeping | Week 7
    10 Topics
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Animal Health Management III | Week 5


Parasites are a major cause of disease and production loss in farm animals, frequently causing significant economic loss and impacting on animal welfare.

Parasites, either internal (ectoparasites, e.g. tapeworms and roundworms) or external (endoparasites, e.g. fleas and ticks), draw nutrients away from the host, and can cause disease. This lesson will focus on demonstration of how your understanding of the life cycle of parasites for various species in different environments will help minimize infection or infestation and help with control of the parasite in the environment.

We will also be discussing the potential effect of diseases and parasites on livestock business in Nigeria and other African countries.

Performance Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to;

  • Define parasite.
  • List the types of parasites
    • (Ectoparasites & Endoparasites).
  • Discuss the modes of transmission and life cycle of some selected livestock parasites.
  • State the general methods of prevention and control of diseases and parasites:
    • Quarantine, inoculation, etc.
  • Differentiate between Zoonotic & Reportable Diseases.
  • State the possible causes of losses in livestock business in Nigeria and other African countries.
  • State the ways of arresting losses in livestock business.
  • State the methods of prevention and control of animal diseases


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