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Topic Content:

  • Definition of Fish Harvest
  • Fishing Methods and Tools
    • Wooding equipment, Netting equipment, Trapping equipment, Fishing without equipment, Modern equipment

What is Harvesting of Fish?

Harvesting fish is the process of gathering and removing fishes from the place in which they were grown, before being marketed for human consumption or preserved for future use.

Fishing Methods and Tools:

There are different kinds of tools used for harvesting fish in ponds and other bodies of water. These tools are also referred to as fishing gear.

These are grouped into four:

  • Wooding equipment
  • Netting equipment
  • Trapping equipment
  • Fishing without equipment
  • Modern equipment

1. Wounding Equipment:

This is a fishing gear that can be used to wound the fish as they are being caught. They are very useful for killing fish, which struggle as they are being caught. The fish cannot escape when wounded. Examples of wounding gears are spears, knives, arrows, hook and lines.

i. Spears, Harpoons and Knives:

These are used to pierce or cut fish in the water to wound and kill them.

spear fishing
Wounding fish with a spear.

 ii. Hook and Line:

Using a hook and line to fish is a very common method used by young people. The hook is attached to a short length of bamboo or stick. Bait, which may be an earthworm, insect larva and sometimes a small fish, is attached to the hook. When a fish tries to feed on the bait it swallows the hook, the floater shakes in the water and the fisherman knows immediately that his hook has caught a fish.

In some cases, many hooks are attached to a long line, which is left in the water to catch several fish at the same time.

hook and line 2
Hook and line.


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