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a. Public Companies: Companies (limited liability) that desire to raise money for business expansion and development projects through public and individual investors can access the capital market. Some of these companies are: 

i. The  stock exchange

ii. Issuing houses

iii. Insurance companies 

iv. Development banks 

v. Building societies

vi. National provident fund (NPF) 

vii. Pension funds

b. Government: The government may also wish to raise capital from the private sector for development purposes or as a fiscal measure. It does this by issuing government bonds to members of the public.

Bonds are legal documents representing a promise by the government to pay back a loan obtained through the issue of bonds plus a certain amount of interest over a definite period of time.

Evaluation Questions

  1. Explain your understanding of the capital market
  2. Enumerate four methods of leasing
  3. List four bodies (companies) that can access the capital market
  4. Describe bull, bear, and stag
  5. Differentiate between a bull and bear
  6. Mention two ways of raising funds in the capital market


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