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A capacitor is a device for storing electric charges. It consists of two metal plates separated by an insulator called dielectric material. It is represented by the symbol 

Screen Shot 2020 10 29 at 8.25.37 AM

  Types of Capacitors

The naming of capacitors depends on their construction and types of dielectric materials used between the plates. Examples are

  1. Fixed capacitor
  2. Variable capacitor
  3. Paper capacitor
  4. Electrolytic capacitor
  5. Ceramic capacitor
  6. Air capacitor
  7. Mica capacitor

Uses of Capacitors

  1. They are used in tuning radio and television receivers to the desired stations
  2. They are used as rectifiers of current in a.c source
  3. They prevent spark in switches like ignition relay
  4. They are used as storage of large amount of charges in research institute
  5. They are used as timers


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