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  1. They consist of streams of fast-moving particles of negative electricity called electrons
  2. They cause glass and other materials (zinc sulphide) to fluorescence or glow with a green color
  3. They cast a shadow of an object in their path 
  4. They travel in straight lines 
  5. They can rotate a light paddle wheel inside a discharge tube showing they have kinetic energy
  6. They can produce x-rays
  7. They can affect photographic plates
  8. They can produce x-rays from a high-density metal when they are suddenly stopped by such metals
  9. They are deflected by an electric and magnetic field 
  10. They can ionize a gas
  11. They can produce intense heat on object showing they are highly energetic particles
  12. They are highly penetrating and can penetrate metals like aluminum foil, steel shape, and gold foil


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