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Effects of Energy used in the Environment

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The use of energy in the environment has produced negative effects by polluting the environment thereby causing health hazards e.g.

During burning, there is uncontrolled release of Carbon dioxide (Co2), Sulfur dioxide (So2), Nitrogen dioxide (No2), Carbon monoxide (Co) gases into the atmosphere in quantities which are poisonous to plants and animals.

These effects also include greenhouse effects, global warming, and oil spillage 

Global warming

This is the increase in average temperature of the earth surface, air and oceans due to man’s activities. This sudden change in temperature of the earth causes climate change which in turn affects lifestyle of plant, animals and human beings.

The increase in temperature due to global warming can lead to flooding as a result climate change. It can also lead to extreme temperatures (hot or cold)

Flooding as a Result of Climate Change

This can be explained as follows:

  • Melting of ice at polar regions which result in more volume of water across the sea thereby causing flooding and submerges houses along the coastal region
  • These may also affect agricultural produce
  • There may be extinction of certain species of animal as a result of flooding
  • Depletion of ozone layer also can cause skin cancer

Global warming can be reduced by:

  • Stopping deforestation
  • Planting more trees in our environment (afforestation)
  • Stopping the use of wood as a source of energy especially for cooking


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