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Energy crisis is a limited access to supply of energy. The shortage in supply of electricity to consumers is a major problem in Nigeria. The country is not producing power or energy that meets the consumers demand and the inability of the government to put structures in place to add to existing facilities due to increase in population of the country.

Despite the fact that Nigeria is an oil producing nation, the citizens have not benefitted immensely due to lack of political will by the government to ensure transparency and accountability in the oil sector.

As at 2015, Nigeria’s power production was 4000MW and at 2019 7500MW was generated out of which 4000MW was distributed by the (DISCO) distribution Companies. There is need for the government to take further measures by making alternative use of avenue to generate power from solar and wind especially in the northern region of the country and hydropower from dams and waterfall to meet the energy demands of the populace.

The use of energy from biomass and waste should be employed, while the federal government should also decentralize the power sector so that each state can generate power at least 500MW to cater to its citizens.


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