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Satellites that are synchronous are satellites that move round the earth at the same rate as the rotation of the earth. They rotate for 24hours and appear stationary when a satellite has the same period as the earth.

They are said to be in parking orbit; such an arrangement allows for easy communication and television broadcasts to be transmitted from one part of the world to another.

Artificial satellites are man-made satellites or devices purposely designed to orbit round the earth or the sun. E.g. natural satellites are natural body or celestial bodies that orbit round another body in space. They are naturally made. Moon is a natural satellite of the earth and in solar system some planets have more than one satellite. E.g.

Planet Number of Satellite
Mercury                  Nil
Earth                     1
Mars                     2
Uranus                    27
Jupiter                     60+
Pluto                      1

Artificial satellites are  used for communication, scientific research, military defence and security, weather observation, geographic information system, Global Positioning System (GPS)


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