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  1. Magnetic Field | Week 1
    4 Topics
  2. Electromagnetic Field
    4 Topics
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
    6 Topics
  4. The Transformer
    5 Topics
  5. Simple A.C Circuit
    4 Topics
  6. Models of the Atom
    2 Topics
  7. Radioactivity
    3 Topics
  8. Half Life
    8 Topics
  9. Energy Quantization
    3 Topics
  10. Photoelectric Effect
    4 Topics
  11. Wave Particle Paradox
    3 Topics

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Lesson 3, Topic 4
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Electrical Devices using Electromagnetic Induction

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Any machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy or electrical to mechanical energy is called a dynamo 

When a device converts from mechanical to electrical energy, it is called a generator 

When a machine converts electrical energy into mechanical energy it is called a motor

There are two classes of generators the alternating current;

(a.c) generator or alternator and the direct current (d.c) generator or dynamo


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