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  1. Magnetic Field | Week 1
    4 Topics
  2. Electromagnetic Field
    4 Topics
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
    6 Topics
  4. The Transformer
    5 Topics
  5. Simple A.C Circuit
    4 Topics
  6. Models of the Atom
    2 Topics
  7. Radioactivity
    3 Topics
  8. Half Life
    8 Topics
  9. Energy Quantization
    3 Topics
  10. Photoelectric Effect
    4 Topics
  11. Wave Particle Paradox
    3 Topics

Lesson 8, Topic 2
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Uses of Radioactivity

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Uses of Radioactivity 

  1. it is used as radioactive tracers to detect leakages in underground pipes in industry
  2. it is used as tracers in agriculture to monitor water passage through plants
  3. it is used in medicine to locate brain tumor or blocked kidney
  4. it is used for sterilization of medical equipment
  5. it is used for preservation of food 
  6. it is used for treating cancer and malignant growth like tumor in the body
  7. it can be used to detect broken bone or metal object hidden in the body
  8. it can also be used to detect flaws or cracks at welding joint or engine block
  9. it can be used for carbon dating to study ages of archeological discoveries



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