Reply To: best friend group

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    Precious Ugoji

    October 14, 2022 at 6:44 pm

    my problem is that my best friend is so rude she likes gossiping about people while me i like preaching to people to stop their bad attitudes. she just likes to shout at me when i do not want to do what she wants and when she says i should not do something she does it herself in frontt of me. let me take for example there is this girl that is a bad influence in my class and she said i should not talk to her well i did as she asked becus me too i did not want to talk to her myself but the next thing i knew she was talking to her it got so annoying that i can’t help but put a grudge on her. pauls idea was great but can you pls tell me whether i should still be her best friend or i should make her one of my classmates just like the rest and she is my only one best friend. i need help.

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