JSS2 Basic Science Scheme of Work for First Term

JSS2 Basic Science Scheme of Work for First Term

The table below is the JSS2 Basic Science Scheme of Work for First Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub: Theme
Learning about our Environment
1Living Things
1. Habitat and examples

2. Adaptations of living things to
their habitat.

3. Relationships between organisms in the
same habitat.

4. Uniqueness of human beings:
– reasoning
– problem solving
– inquisitiveness
– observation
– measurement

5. Measurements of Growth and
Developmental Changes

a. Growth changes in

– height
– weight
– size

b. Developmental changes:

– infancy
– adolescents
– adulthood

c. Characteristics
features of stages of development.

d. Classifying growth and developmental
changes as temporary/permanent.

2Chemicals1. Meaning of Chemicals

2. Classes of Chemicals

(a) based on use:
– pharmaceutical/cosmetics
– nuclear
– agrochemical
– industrial
– laboratory

(b) based on hazardous nature:
– highly hazardous and toxic
– moderately hazardous and toxic
– non-hazardous and non-toxic

3. Safety measures when using chemicals:
– adhere to the manufacturer’s
safety instructions
– follow safety guidelines for chemical
storage and handling.
– observe and adhere to safety signs and
instructions on chemical packages
– ensure proper labeling and storage of

You and Energy
3.Work, Energy
& Power
1. Meaning of work, energy, and power

2. Meaning of potential and kinetic

3. Calculations involving Work done.

4. Energy transfer when work is done.


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