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Change the following sentences into the passive voice:

  1. My father spends a lot of money each week.
  2. The servant keeps the rooms clean.
  3. Samuel paid the fees.
  4. The students are writing the exams now.
  5. The coach is drilling the players.
  6. The policeman is chasing the thief.
  7. No one has ever seen such an animal.
  8. We have not yet finished our work.
  9. The postman brought the two letters this morning.
  10. The dentist extracted one of my teeth yesterday.



  1. A lot of money is spent by my father each week.
  2. The rooms are kept clean by the servant.
  3. The fees were paid by Samuel.
  4. The exams are now being written by the students.
  5. The players are being drilled by the coach.
  6. The thief is being chased by the policeman.
  7. Such an animal has never been seen by anyone.
  8. Our work has not yet been finished by us.
  9. The two letters were brought by the postman this morning.
  10. One of my teeth was extracted by the dentist yesterday.
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