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 2019 Business Studies Objective Past Questions Paper 3 (Speed & Accuracy)

Task 1: Speed & Accuracy

One day, the king threw a party for all the domestic animals. He told the cow to sit at the edge of the table and share out the food because she was the biggest of all the animals present. The cow agreed to do so. But when she passed out the first course, she forgot tthe fly. He complained to the cow who said, “be patient”.

When the second course arrived, the fly called out again. But the cow just pointed to her eye and to the fly to look there, and he would get food later. In the end, the fly went to bed without food.

The next day, the fly complained to the king. The king thought the cow had done wrong not to give the fly a share, so she told the fly that in the future, he should always get his food from the cow’s eyes.

 2018 Business Studies Objective (Manuscript) Task II



Credit sales occur when a seller allows the buyer to take control and enjoy the good with promise to pay later. it is the process by which goods and services are transferred to the buyer from the seller for use without value being given

The credit merit of the buyer must be taken into account before giving credit so that it will not lead to bad debt.

This can be obtained via relevant govt. agencies. Before granting credit sales, there must be a trade agreement between the buyer and the seller. The use of credit sales has increased greatly in recent times. Despite the demerit, credit system of business has played a vital role in our daily activities.

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