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 2020 Business Studies Objective (Speed & Accuracy) Task I


Once upon a time, there were two men who owned horses which they rode daily. On the route, they would ride around the city. There was however a ditch about eight feet wide which they had to cross. One of the horses had no problem at all in crossing the ditch, but the second horse had fallen twice before crossing. As this daily routine continued, while watching the strong horse jump over that ditch, boldness came on the second horse rider. It occurred to him in his inner mind, that he too could jump the ditch. So with a great zeal, the second horse jumped over the ditch and from that day, the horse never stopped at that ditch again. Never give up in any situation in life.

 2020 Business Studies Objective (Manuscript) Task II


The history of election in Africa has not been a heart warming one. It is either elections are rigged or the incumbent leader or president making things hard for others to come in. In advanced nations however, the leaders don’t hold on to power as a do or die affair. They are ready to vacate the seat at the end of their tenure.

Sometimes when their policies are fully embraced by the people that voted them in, they readily throw in the towel by resigning. In Africa, leaders don’t resign; they prefer to die in office rather than leaving office when ovation is loud. I hope one day our leaders will see reason and quit even without seeking a second term.

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