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 2021 Business Studies Objective (Speed & Accuracy) Task I


Once upon a time, a lion said to all the animals in the forest that if one of them will come to him as his meal for the day, he would not kill anyone else among them. All the animals agreed to this.

One day, it was a rabbit’s turn and it took quite long reaching the lion. The lion asked it the reason for being late. It acted wisely and said, sir! I was stopped by another lion, who was claiming to be the king of the jungle and he wants to meet you. So do I, said the furious lion. The rabbit took the lion to a well and showed him his reflection in the water of the well. The lion jumped into the water of the well to catch his opponent and drowned. How intelligently, the rabbit got rid of the wild beast.

 2021 Business Studies Objective (Manuscript) Task II


We have just received your letter dated the second day of last month setting out your trading figures for the last week of March. We noticed that there was a sizeable drop in the figures as compared with those for the same week of the previous year and we believed that you will provide us your reasons for this reduction.

As far as we can see, there has been a serious decline during the past recent weeks, and you take steps to improve your figures. It is almost out of place for us at this point to suggest the proper steps for you to take and we do not believe it is necessary for us to do so in view of your past experience in this field.

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