Instruction: Answer the question.Time: 45 minutes.

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2018 JSCE Computer Studies Practical Solution

(i) Provide four different names of your choice to complete the table.

(ii) Give the values of HOURS WORKED ranging between 3-4 hours for each name provided.

(iii) Provide the corresponding values for the PAY PER HOUR ranging between N300 to N700

(iv) Calculate the BASIC PAY for the values provided to complete the table.


To calculate the BASIC PAY for Akin Jones, click on cell E8 and type the formula ⇒ =C7*D7.

Click on the edge of the green rectangle and drag down to obtain the BASIC PAY for the rest of the staff. (or type the corresponding formula in each cell, for example, in cell E8, C8*D8)


(v) Calculate the cell references and corresponding results of the following:

(a) total HOURS WORKED by the staff of the company.


To calculate the total hours worked, click on cell C11 and type the formula ⇒ =SUM(C2:C10)


(b) the BASIC PAY of the last five names on the payroll.


E6: N400
E7: N900
E8: 1600
E9: 1500
E10: 2800

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