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2018 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 1

(378 words)

34, Herbert Macaulay Way,
1st August, 2018.


The Principal,
Abu Abukiri Memorial High School,
134, Lancaster Road, off Birrel Avenue,


Dear Mrs. Guluva,


I hope this letter finds you well. I am Eva Longe, a proud student of Abu Abukiri Memorial High School in Jss3. Abu Abukiri Memorial High School has a legacy of Outstanding Performance in both the Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSSCE) and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). We are also known for having well-dedicated teachers who ensure they break information down and explain things very well to the students. However, it has come to the attention of my class that theft is fast becoming an issue on School grounds and I have been chosen to represent my class and write you this letter.

I believe the issue of theft within our School premises could be reduced easily. I would like to suggest the School provides each student with desks and/or little cupboards (for Boarding Students) with locks on them. This will help minimize theft because each student will have their belongings safely locked away, it will also encourage students to be more mindful of where they put their belongings. In addition, it will be a good idea to have each student write their name on their items with a permanent marker or any other means that is not easily erasable. This will help every Student know who the owner of any item is and if an item ends up in the wrong hands, it will be easily identifiable by the Students in that class. I believe this will also help reduce theft in our School. Lastly, it would be a good idea to have stricter punishment for any caught stealing. If Students are afraid to steal because they would be punished severely, suspended or in very serious cases expelled, I believe Students will be less likely to steal. This would go a long way to reduce the issue of theft in our School.

If my suggestions are implemented I believe they will go a long way to reduce the issue of theft in our School. My class and I are available for assistance if your Office needs us.


Yours faithfully,

Eva Longe

2018 JSCE/BECE English Studies Essay Past Question 2

(452 words)


I would like to be a Pediatric Surgeon in the future, this is my dream career. A Pediatric Surgeon is a general surgeon who has expertise in the diagnosis and care of premature and newborn infants, children and adolescents. As a Pediatric Surgeon, I would be able to work in Hospitals which could be either Private or Government-owned. It is my dream to own my own practice but still work as a Consultant with different Hospitals.

I would love to become a Pediatric Surgeon because I would be providing good quality healthcare and surgeries to babies, children and adolescents. I know it will be challenging but I am prepared to study very hard. I am very good at Basic Science and always get A’s. I enjoy learning different things about Science and the Medical field in general from books and documentaries so I am sure I have a great interest in the field. I will work hard as a Science student when I get to SS1 to make sure I qualify to study the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) Program at University and get a First Class. With this, I can then go on to complete a 4-year Medical School Program, and then fulfil a 5-year residency in General Surgery before I can go on to complete a 2-year residency program in Pediatric Surgery.

I know it will take a long time to become a Pediatric Surgeon, there will be a lot of tough and challenging years of study with very little time for fun but I know it will be fulfilling in the end. Surgeons are very respected among Professionals and in the community in general, they are seen as people of great influence. As a Pediatric Surgeon, I will be trusted with sensitive information about my patients and their families, this will help me take care of my patients better and build long-lasting relationships.

Pediatric Surgeons are also well-paid, so I know I will be able to take care of my family’s needs as well as that of my extended family. With the money I earn and the colleagues I meet, I will create a Medical Outreach Program so that I can provide medical services to people who cannot afford them in rural communities, villages and poverty-stricken Local Government areas. I will do my part to advance the Medical field in Nigeria and provide affordable healthcare with top-quality services. I believe there are so many advantages to becoming a Pediatric Surgeon, I will be able to provide good quality medical care to hundreds and maybe even thousands of babies, children and adolescents. I pray God sees me through and makes my dream a reality.

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