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Read the passage below and write down any five noun phrases from the passage.

A small tractor and a Volkswagen Beetle were the only vehicles on the pontoon as it ferried lazily across the river, the engine whining in the quiet surroundings. The old ferry finally berthed, splashing water repeatedly as it tossed and bounced buoyantly against the muddy banks. The operator’s assistant reached out and anchored the raft to a metal post as the engine was turned off. After the tractor and Volkswagen disembarked, obi drove his car onto the raft. The operator waited just for fifteen minutes to see if he would get more passengers.

Source: Intensive English for Senior Secondary School 2 by B. O. Oluikpe et al


Noun phrases from the passage are:

A small tractor, the only vehicles, the engine, the old ferry, the operator’s assistant, a metal post.

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