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Problems of Communication in Nigeria:

Below are problems of communication in Nigeria:

1. Many ICT hardware and software are expensive to purchase and maintain.

2. Inadequate skilled labour or personnel to ensure the adequate delivery of quality services.

3. Telecommunication equipment is usually vandalised by criminals.

4. There is an epileptic power supply in Nigeria which disrupts communication services.

5. Job Loss: Communication methods can automate many jobs and do them not only faster but also more accurately which can lead to unemployment and poverty. For example, letters and emails can be sent electronically which eliminates the need for postmen.

6. The advancement in technology has affected the number of workers that the elements would have employed and many workers lose their jobs because fewer hands are required.

7. Examination Malpractices: The existence of mobile electronic devices has been in use by examination candidates to cheat. Handsets are smuggled into the examination hall.

8. Internet Fraud: Fraudsters use the internet to steal money from people.

Solutions to the Communication Problems in Nigeria:

1. Companies should try as much as possible to train and retrain their staff to be ICT compliant.

2. Prosecution of fraudsters should always take place to discourage such acts. Fraudsters

3. Enough funds should be provided by the government to establish communication outfits in Nigeria.

4. There should be an improvement in the system of power supply in the country.

5. Adequate security should be provided to prevent the vandalisation of communication equipment.


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