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The family as a unit in the society has several functions:

  • Procreation: It is the obligation of the family to give birth to young ones who will continue their families’ generation.
  • Development of community: The family helps in the development of the community or society through community project efforts.
  • Custodians of culture: The family is expected to teach their children the cultural norms and values of the society. The child is taught to speak their local language, as well as the customs and traditions of their people. The family helps pass down the customs, language, and traditions of their people from one generation to another.
  • Political Responsibility: The parents exercise their political right to vote during elections which have an impact on the leaders of the society. They also educate their children on the political affairs of the country and encourage them to vote when they are of age.
  • Adaptation of their Members to the Society: Parents teach their children about the society they are born into so their children can adapt.


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