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1. Citizenship by Birth:  A person born in Nigeria or outside Nigeria but whose parents or grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria.

2. Citizenship by Naturalization: A person who is not a citizen of Nigeria and prefers to be a Nigerian citizen can apply to appropriate government authority for Nigerian citizenship. After certifying certain conditions, can be granted Nigerian citizenship.

3. Citizenship by Registration/Marriage: This refers to citizenship acquired by someone because of marriage. It is applicable when a foreign woman marries a Nigerian citizen. This type of citizenship is necessary as long as the person involved shows interest and apply to the appropriate authority for registration.

4. Citizenship by Honour: This happens when the government of a particular country especially honours an Eminent Foreigner by granting him/her the citizenship of that particular country. This can only be conferred on a foreigner by the president (Nigeria) as a mark of honour to the foreigner.

5. Citizenship by Descent:  This is when someone claims the citizenship of a country (Nigeria) probably because his/her grandparents are from the country (Nigeria) though might not be born there. But such individual must show legal documents to back up his or her claims.


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