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Objectives of Social Studies

These are the objectives of teaching and learning of Social Studies:

1. It enables the student to understand other people’s way of life (culture) and appreciate them.

2. It enables the student to understand both their physical and social environments.

3. It helps students learn to tolerate one another, settle their differences and ensure co-operation for the development of the country.

4. It teaches students to be responsible citizens of their community and country at large.

5. To help develop in an individual the skills needed for problem-solving.

6. It shows students’ past and present experiences of others, in order to provide solutions to present problems.

7. It inculcates in students a sense of loyalty and dedication to their fatherland.

8. It helps students develop a sense of good working relationships and the right attitude to work.

9. It encourages the participation of individuals in social work in the community.

10. It prepares the students to become good citizens and nation builders, by developing in them good skills, right attitudes, and habits.

11. It broadens the student’s knowledge of the modern world.

12. It teaches students good leadership and followership skills.

13. It enables the student to identify, understand and use the resources in their environment.

JSCE 2019 Social Studies Past Question



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