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The consequences or effects of harmful traditional practices can be categorized into

1. Social consequences.

2. Psychological consequences.

3. Economic consequences.

All these consequences always have effects on the individual, family and society as a whole.

1. Social Consequences:

a) Lack of peace and harmony amongst the members of the family especially when one member is not in support of the practice.

b) Health Hazards: Almost all the practices are associated with one health hazard or the other, which varies from contracting infections/diseases like HIV/AIDS, VVF, tribal fibrosis, STDs/STI, etc.

c) Stigmatization/Low Self Esteem: Due to gender discrimination, tribal marks, and child abuse, victims are stigmatized and end up with low self-esteem. Girls that cannot get the necessary education, and children who are used as domestic servants, may feel inferior to their peers.

d) Bad Image: The act of practising these injurious activities will make the culture or people look primitive and barbaric amongst other cultures or people that do not practice them. Therefore these acts affect the image of the people negatively to the outside world.

2. Psychological Consequences:

These dangerous practices affect the victims psychologically by giving them trauma such as:

a) Emotional Trauma: Most victims especially the female-child given out in marriage, or used as domestic servants to hawk, etc. are separated from their loved ones. They may not experience true and genuine love, hence may suffer emotionally.

b) Mental Trauma: The consequence of emotional trauma may lead to mental problems or depression for victims.

c) Hurt feelings: There are usually feelings of hurt and pain for victims who are denied their rights.

3. Economic Consequences:

a) Loss of Manpower: The victims usually fall within the manpower of a nation and community hence this can affect the nation’s economic sector and retard development.  

b) Lack of Foreign Investment: A nation that practices these dangerous and injurious acts is likely to lose foreign investors since no modern civilization will want to be associated with such acts.

c) Restriction to Trade: People will be discouraged to do business in such an environment which will lead to low productivity.


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