The table below is the JSS1 Social Studies Scheme of Work for Second Term

Developed by the

Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC)

Sub – Theme
1Family as A
Primary Social
1. Meaning of Primary
Social Group;

It is a group whose members
share close, personal, and long
lasting relationships. Members
show concern for one another,
and share activities and culture.

2. What makes the Family a
Primary Social Group.

– It is the main unit of socialization

– Everybody belongs to one
family or another.

– Every society grows from the
social unit called family etc.

3. The roles and responsibilities
of members of a family as a
primary social group:

– Get members to work for the
growth of the community.

– Work as adult members to
contribute to the economy.

– Play key roles in population
growth, especially the father
and mother.

– Play an active role in political affairs
e.g. registering and voting etc.
2.The Consequences of
Large/Small Familly
1a. Characteristics of Large Family
size – father, mother, and many

1b. Characteristics of Small Family
Size – father, mother, and very few

2. Consequences of family size on:

i. quality of individual lives.

ii. the national economy.


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