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The following are forms of drug abuse:

  • Taking Illegal Drugs: This refers to when an individual uses a drug that is not authorized. These drugs are prohibited by law. Examples of illegal drugs are marijuana or Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, etc. These drugs are considered illegal because of the devastating effects they have, on the lives and health of individuals, and society as a whole.
  • Overdose or Underdose of Legal Drugs: Overdose of legal drugs is when people use more than the amount prescribed by a medical expert/doctor while underdose of legal drugs is when people use less than the ampunt prescribed by a medical expert/doctor.
  • Taking Drugs without a Doctor’s Prescription: It can also be referred to as the illegal use of drugs. This is when a drug is taken without the advice or prescription of a medical expert.
  • Taking Expired Drugs: This refers to taking drugs that have past their expiry date usually found written on the prescription.

The various ways drugs can be used are by;

1. Injecting.

2. Smoking.

3. Drinking.

4. Sniffing.

5. Eating.


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