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Nigeria National Flag

The current flag green-white-green was chosen in 1959 from among 2,870 suggestions in a competition.

The flag was designed by a student from Ibadan, Michael Taiwo Akinkumi. The flag replaced the British flag know as “Union Jack” which signified colonial domination of Nigeria by the British. The colors of the Nigerian flag are green-white-green.

Nigerian Flag
The Nigerian Flag

The green colour stands for Agriculture

The white colour stands for peace and unity

Laws of the National flag

The Nigerian National flag is governed by the flag and coat of arms ordinance of 1960.

How to Treat the National Flag

1. It should be hung.

2. No other flag or emblem should be higher than it.

3. An old and worn out flag should be replaced.

4. Oil soiled or mutilated flag should be destroyed.

Rules Governing the Display of National Flag

1. The carrier of the National Flag must be neatly dressed.

2. The flag should be in front of the other flags.

3. Only cars of dignitaries can use national flag.


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