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  1. Business and Its Environment | Week 1
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  2. Introduction to Marketing | Week 2
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  3. Consumer Protection | Week 3
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  4. Instruments for Protection | Week 4
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  5. Agencies that Educate and Protect Consumers | Week 5
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  6. Business Documents | Week 6
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  7. Means of Payment | Week 7
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  8. Commercialization | Week 8
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  9. Privatization | Week 9
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  10. Deregulation | Week 10
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Lesson 9, Topic 4
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Differences between Commercialization and Privatization

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Below are differences between commercialization and privatization;

Commercialization Privatization
The aim is to make state-owned
Business more profitable 
To transfer state-owned businesses to private individuals.
The ownership still remains with the governement.The ownership remains with the private investors.
Commercialized businesses can still seek financial aid from the government in form of subvention.Commercialized businesses may not be able to receive a financial allocation in form of subvention from the government.
It does not intend to reduce the number of public enterprises but to make them more profitable.It encourages the reduction in the number of public enterprises.
It does not involve the sales of shares and assets held in public enterprises in the government.It entails the selling of shares and assets held by the government in state-owned enterprises.
It encourages the restructuring and reorganization of public enterprises and financial self-sufficiency.It involves the passing of ownership of public enterprises toward profit maximization.

Evaluation Questions:

1.     Explain the term privatization.
2.    Sate three reasons for privatization.
3.    With not less than five reason, state the differences between commercialization and privatization.


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