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farm animals

Most farm animals belong to the group called vertebrates. A vertebrate is a creature, which has a spine, or backbone, or a vertebral column. Mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish are vertebrates.

A mammal is a group of elevated animals, that feed their babies milk from their breasts. They are animals with a backbone, that have fur or hair, give birth to live young, have lungs, and need air to breathe. Mammals include horses, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cattle, goats, etc.

Birds are animals that lay eggs, which hatch into their young. Their body is also partly or wholly covered by feathers. Examples of birds include chicken, turkey, etc.

Fishes live in water, while other farm animals live on land. The increasing demand for fish has led to the establishment of fish ponds. The practice is called fishery and it is a farming business. Examples include Tilapia, mackerel, etc.

All farm animals are domestic animals, they live with man for their survival. They provide food, protection and satisfy the economic needs of man.


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