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Lesson 4, Topic 4
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Safety Measures when Using Chemicals

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Safety Measures when Using Chemicals

Safety measures when using chemicals include the following;

1. Know the hazards of the chemicals you use and how to deal with them.

2. Wear proper lab coats, gloves, and safety glasses when handling hazardous chemicals.

3. Store flammables in safety cabinets. Remove only the quantity required for the current procedures.

4. Label all chemicals, solutions, and wastes, and dispose of all chemicals properly.

5. Do not work with hazardous chemicals at night or on weekends, especially when you are alone in the laboratory.

6. Keep all work areas, especially hoods, free of clutter. Floors must be free of trip hazards.

7. Use a fume hood for all work with volatile and hazardous chemicals.

8. Wash promptly when a chemical has contact with skin, and on leaving the laboratory.

9. Maintain clear access to exits, showers, and eyewashes. Be aware of all emergency procedures, including building evacuation plans.

10. While in the laboratory, do not eat, smoke, drink, or apply cosmetics.

Evaluation Questions:

1. What is a chemical?

2. List the two types of chemicals.

3. Give two examples of each of the following classes of chemicals.

a. nuclear.

b. laboratory.

c. pharmaceutical.

d. industrial.

2. Mention five safety measures when using chemicals.

3. Mention the classes of chemicals based on use.

4. State the classes of chemicals based on hazardous nature.

5. Give examples of laboratory chemicals.

Reading assignment: Excellence in Basic science and technology. Book 2, pages 14 – 17.


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