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Togetherness in the Early Church (Acts 2:41-47)

  • After the arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Peter gave a powerful speech, and about three thousand converts were made, and became part of the early church.
  • The new converts were then baptized.
  • Their lives were characterized by a strong bond of fellowship, because they were of one heart and soul.
  • They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings, fellowshipping together, and breaking bread (holy communion)
  • Fear came upon the early church, as signs and wonders were performed by the apostles.
  • Their togetherness was shown in the practice of joint ownership, of possessions and properties.
  • They shared the proceeds among themselves according to their needs, and there was no needy person among them.
  • Day by day, the Lord added to their number.
  • They devoted themselves to breaking of bread from one house to another, with gladness and sincerity of mind.
  • They prayed together. The Lord’s grace was upon them.