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Below is a summary of Stephen’s defence;

1. On the charge of Palestine as the only holy place where God appeared to His people, Stephen states that God had appeared to their ancestors outside Palestine.  For example, God appeared to Abraham in Mesopotamia and Moses in Egypt.

2. Concerning the temple as the only place of worship, Stephen defended that, the temple was not actually God’s order, rather the Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting) Therefore, God is everywhere, not confined to any house made with hands. 

3. On obedience to the law of Moses for salvation, Stephen showed that their obedience to the law cannot exemplify hence, they killed the prophet of God sent to preach repentance to them; Also, they killed Jesus Christ, the only one who was able to obey the law.

4. At this point, the people became angry with Stephen, mostly, when he said we saw a vision of Jesus Christ, standing at the right hand of God.

5. The angry people took Stephen out of the city and stoned him to death.

6. He prayed that God should forgive them.

7. Stephen died bravely.

8. By this Stephen became the first Christian Martyr.

Effects of Stephen’s Death:

1. Philip’s evangelistic tour. 

2. Saul’s conversion.

3. Peter’s missionary tour.

4. The church in Antioch in Syria was established.