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Selection of the Seven Deacons (Acts 6: 1-7)

seven deacons
  • To stop further discrimination among the early Christians, the matter was brought for discussion before Peter.
  • The apostles said it won’t be right for them to leave the work of God (preaching, teaching, evangelizing, and baptizing) to supervise the distribution of food.
  • Seven deacons, full of the Spirit and wisdom, who were evenly represented, were chosen.
  • They were presented to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.

Qualities of the Seven Deacons:

1. They should be men of good repute, that is, men of good character.

2. They should be men of wisdom and understanding.

3. They must be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Names of the Seven Deacons:

1. Stephen.

2. Philip.

3. Prochorus.

4. Nicanor.

5. Timon.

6. Parmenas.

7. Nicolas.

In conclusion, discrimination is bad, and when practiced in the Church or Nation, it could lead to social unrest (militancy) with unpleasant consequences. A good character distinguishes a man from others. Any character that encourages discrimination, in society or church, should be avoided.