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Opposition in the Church Today:

Christians have been opposed in the church for;

1. Standing up for Christ by telling the truth.

2. Exposing evil practices in the church.

3. Preaching prosperity without responsibility.

4. Calling on the leadership of the church to live exemplary lives.

5. Criticizing the emphasis on materialism at the expense of the full gospel, etc.

Opposition in the Community:

Christians have been opposed in the community for:

1. Exposing fraud, bribery, and corruption in their places of work.

2. Condemning examination malpractices.

3. Preaching against sexual immorality.

4. Condemning tribalism, nepotism, and favouritism.

5. Condemning religious discrimination, etc.

Moral Lessons:

1. You must learn to ask God for spiritual courage, and faith to face every situation (for example, Peter and John)

2. Like Stephen, ask God to give you spiritual love to forgive your enemies.

3. Learn to seek knowledge and understanding of things you don’t understand (for example, Saul)

4. Learn to hear the voice of God and forsake your evil ways like Saul


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