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There are various reasons why people engage in drug trafficking in society. They include:

1. Greed: Many engage in drug trafficking due to greed, the desire to make money, and to live a lavish life. They are usually not content with whatever they have. 

2. Unemployment: Many unemployed graduates without jobs are lured into drug trafficking. They engage in drug trafficking to earn money to fend for themselves and their family.

3. Poverty: When someone comes from a poor background, there are even fewer opportunities available to them, for example, education and jobs, which can lead to desperation. As a result, such people might take the easy and quick route of trafficking drugs, to generate income.

4. Ignorance: Lack of knowledge and ignorance has made many fall victim to drug traffickers. People end up trafficking drugs knowingly or unknowingly. The drug trafficker might be a friend of a family that tricks the unsuspecting person into carrying illicit drugs for them. Some get involved without knowing the consequences of what they are getting into.

5. Lucrative: Trading in drugs is highly profitable. The dealers make a lot of fortune in a short period of time. This attracts people to engage in the illegal act of drug trafficking.


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