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There are various reasons why people engage in drug trafficking in the society. They include:

  1. Greed: Many engage in drug trafficking due to greed, the desire to make money, and to live a lavish life. They are usually not content with whatever they have. 
  2. Unemployment: Many unemployed graduates without jobs are lured into drug trafficking. They engage in drug trafficking to earn money to fend for themselves and their family.
  3. Poverty: Lack of jobs, state of lack, etc has made many to go into trafficking drugs. The fact that it is illegal does not mean anything to them. They are usually desperate and would do all it takes to provide for themselves and their family.
  4. Ignorance: Lack of knowledge and ignorance has made many fall victims of drug traffickers. People end up trafficking drugs knowingly or unknowingly. The drug trafficker might be a friend for a family that tricks the unsuspecting person into carrying illicit drugs for them. Some get involved without knowing the consequences of what they are into.
  5. Lucrative: Trading in drugs is highly profitable. The dealers make a lot of fortune from it. This encourages people to go into it.


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