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There are natural and artificial sources of energy. Natural sources of energy include the sun, wind, fuels (e.g coal, Natural gas), wind, etc. Artificial sources of energy include electric generators, batteries, and petroleum products.

The table below summarizes the sources of energy and their uses.

Natural Sources of Energy

S/NSource ImageUse
1.SunsunIt is the ultimate source of energy, it produces light which is used by plants for photosynthesis 
2.FoodfoodThis is a source of chemical energy which is used for daily activities 
3.Woodburning woodIt is used for cooking. When wood is burnt, it releases energy which is used for cooking.
4.Coalcoal fireWhen coal is burnt, energy in it is released which is used for cooking.
5.Windwind millIt is used in windmills to turn machines which can be used to pump water and produce electricity.
6.Water water (HEP)It is used to generate electricity (Hydroelectricity)

Artificial Sources of Energy

1.Electric generator generatorTo produce electricity. 
2.BatteriesbatteriesA group of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current e.g a flashlight battery.
3.Petroleum products e.g kerosene, petrol, diesel oil  oilKerosene is used for domestic cooking, petrol, and diesel oil to run engines. 


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