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1. Animals and human beings see things around clearly as a result of light energy.

2. Chemical energy in foods enhances all living organisms to carry out their daily activities         

3. Green plants utilize radiant energy for photosynthesis.

4. Mechanical energy is used to drive vehicles and automobile machines.

5. Chemical energy stored in petroleum products is used as fuel in motor vehicle engines and for domestic cooking.

6. Electrical energy is used in electric and electrical appliances in the home, school, and office to power our appliances, television sets, computer sets, radio sets, etc, and also to light our homes.

7. Sound energy is used in communication.

8. Heat energy is used to cook, press our clothing, dry things, and give us warmth.  Heat energy is also used for welding, purification of metals, expansion of metals, etc.

9. Nuclear energy is used in power generators, transportation, agriculture, and medicine.

10. Solar energy is used to light up our streets and some calculators use solar energy.

Evaluation Questions:

1. Define energy.

2. List the two main sources of energy. 

3. State 4 sources of natural and artificial energy. 

4. List 5 forms of energy. 

5. State 5 sources of energy. 

6. Give 3 examples of energy transformation.


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