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  1. The Birth of Jesus Christ | Week 1 & 2
    4 Topics
  2. Presentation of Jesus in The Temple | Week 3 & 4
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  3. Jesus and His Family | Week 5 & 6
    4 Topics
  4. The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus | Week 7 & 8
    5 Topics
    1 Quiz
  5. Call of The Disciples | Week 9 & 10
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz

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Two things are involved in discipleship, first to be a true believer in Jesus, and secondly, to be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Jesus taught his disciples to be true believers and devoted followers of the Gospel.

He also told them that, there are challenges and sacrifices to make such as:

1.       Insecurity in discipleship: This means there are uncertainties.

2.       God first in discipleship: We should choose to serve God at all times.         

3.       Total commitment to discipleship: Discipleship is a serious undertaking that requires focus and avoiding any form of distraction.

4.       Self-denial: Discipleship is a difficult task. The Disciple must be willing to endure suffering, humiliation, disgrace, and even death.

5.       Counting the Cost: Discipleship is a dangerous work likened to a builder and a king who want to go to war. In discipleship, one should sit down and count the cost of becoming a disciple.

6.       Prompt response: Disciples should, without thinking, be able to drop whatever they are doing no matter how pressing the issue is and answer the call of God.


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