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  1. Local Government Administration | Week 1
    4 Topics
  2. Structure of Local Government | Week 2
    6 Topics
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  3. Local Government Reforms | Week 3
    5 Topics
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  4. Pre-Colonial Political Administration In Nigeria | Week 4, 5 & 6
    6 Topics
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  5. Colonialism | Week 7
    5 Topics
  6. British Colonial Administration in Nigeria I | Week 8
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  7. British Colonial Administration in Nigeria II | Week 9
    4 Topics
    1 Quiz
  8. French Colonial Administration | Week 10
    7 Topics
    1 Quiz
  9. Leadership and Followership | Week 11
    7 Topics

Lesson 8, Topic 7
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Comparison between French and British Colonial Administrative Policies

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(i)British administration used an
Indirect rule system, ruled
through traditional rulers.
French colonial administration
used a direct rule system.
(ii)It pursued an indirect rule policy.It used policy of assimilation
initially and later changed to
policy of association.
(iii)It respected African culture,
customary laws, religion,
and way of life.
It did not respect African
customs and traditions.
(iv)It regarded all Africans as
It divided Africans into citizens
and subjects.
(v)Education was not restricted,
it was thrown open to all.
Education was restricted.
(vi)It administered each distinct colony
distinctly. It used decentralization of
Political administration.
It administered all her West
African Colonies as a centralized
Federation with administrative headquarters in Dakar.
(vii)The colonies were not regarded
as an integral part of Britain
or Overseas Britain.
The colonies were regarded as an
integral part of France or Overseas France.
(viii)It made use of the native authority
to administer the colonies and
therefore excluded educated elites.
It did not make use of the native
authority rather it used
French officials.

Paramount rulers were regarded
as the lowest cadre of civil servants.
(ix)Educated elites were excluded from the administration.Educated elites were included in the system.
(x)Forced Labour, indigenat policy and other obnoxious policies were not in use.It used forced labour, indigenat policies, Military Conscription.


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