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This is the force acting at a distance which causes objects made of iron and some other metals to be attracted to a magnet. 

A magnet is an object which attracts ferrous materials e.g iron, cobalt, nickel, etc. Every magnet has two poles, a north, and a south pole. 

The region in which the effects of a magnet can be felt is called a magnetic field.

Poles of a Magnet
Magnetic Field

Opposite poles are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel each other. i.e. If you bring the north pole of one magnet and the north pole of another magnet together they would move apart, in other words, repel each other, but if you try and bring the north pole of the magnet and the south pole of another magnet together, the two magnets will stick to each other, i.e. they will attract each other.

\( \overset{\large \leftarrow} { \scriptsize {\color{Red} N}} \: \: \overset{ \large \rightarrow}{ \scriptsize {\color{Red} N}}\)

\( \overset{\large \leftarrow} { \scriptsize {\color{Blue} S}} \: \: \overset{ \large \rightarrow}{ \scriptsize {\color{Blue} S}}\)

\( \overset{\large \rightarrow} { \scriptsize {\color{Red} N}} \: \: \overset{ \large \leftarrow}{ \scriptsize {\color{Blue} S}}\)

\( \overset{\large \rightarrow} { \scriptsize {\color{Blue} S}} \: \: \overset{ \large \leftarrow}{ \scriptsize {\color{Red} N}}\)

Magnetic field


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