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King David Obeys God’s Call to Repentance (2 Samuel 12:7-12, Psalm 51)

King David sinned against God and humanity by committing adultery and murder. He plotted the killing of Uriah, the Hittite, because he had committed adultery with his wife, Bathsheba.

Israelites went to fight against Ammonites. David did not go and saw Bathsheba bathing, while he was walking on the top of his roof.

Bathsheba King David

He slept with her and she became pregnant. In order to hide his sin, he called Uriah, who was fighting in the war, to go home and sleep with his wife, but he refused.

He instructed Joab to put Uriah at the forefront of the battle, where he will not be able to escape death. He was killed on the battlefield.

God sent Prophet Nathan to rebuke King David’s sinful act. Nathan used the illustration of the Ewe lamb to pass the message to King David. He pronounced God’s judgment against David and his household such as;

1. The sword shall not depart from his house.

2. That God will raise evil against him.

3. That his wives would be involved in open adultery. His wives would be given to sleep with those close to him, in broad daylight. etc.

On hearing all this, King David repented of his sin and confessed to God. He asked for forgiveness and God cleansed him.

Therefore, God changed His mind that he would not die, rather, the child of his adulterous act would die.

David’s confession is recorded in Psalm 51:1-19.


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