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Sound is produced by bodies that vibrate or shake, for example, if a vibrating tuning fork is placed over a column of air, the fork sets the air into vibration, and sound is transmitted through matter such as air or water.

The matter through which sound is transmitted is called a Medium. Sound is transmitted through a medium in the form of vibrations or waves.

sound wave
tuning fork icon vector 21679260

A tuning fork is a small steel instrument, which is used to tune instruments, by striking it against something to produce a note of fixed musical pitch. The sound they make is totally pure.

The pitch of a sound depends on the frequency while the loudness of a sound depends on the amplitude of sound waves.

Graphs of sound waves20151209 v2 e1642894252538

The timbre or quality of a sound depends on its waveform, which varies with the number of overtones, or harmonics, that are present, their frequencies, and their relative intensities.

Some objects that produce sound are:

1. A violin plucked.
2. Human beings vocal cords while speaking.
3. A vibrating tuning fork.
4. A drum beaten with a stick.
5. A guitar.



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