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(i)        Mortality: Disease can lead to the death of some farm animals, which can cause economic loss to the farmer.

(ii)       Loss of Hair: This can reduce the quantity and quality of such animals. Diseases cause a lot of damages to farm animals’ skin and also affect the market price of such animals.

(iii)       Loss of Product: Diseases can reduce the ability of farm animals to produce with full capacity. This has reduced the quantity and quality of the egg, meat, and milk production.

(iv)        Risk of Contagious: Bird flu can be contacted by human beings and if not cured early, it may be contagious to human beings.

(v)        Total Loss and Death: When some diseases claim the lives of farm animals, it will result in economic loss to the farmer. Preventive treatment of animals increases the cost of production.  

(vi)        Zoonotic Factor: Zoonotic diseases may be transmitted to man if the infected animals were not properly kept or handled. It can be transmitted through animal products or through the consumption of infected animals.


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